This Retailor Was Robbed!!!

We have seen an increase in robberies and burglaries, especially in cultivators and dispensaries. This can be devastating for a business.

Commercial property insurance protects your company’s physical assets from fire, explosions, burst pipes, storms, vandalism, and theft. When an unexpected loss causes disruption or even temporarily shuts down your business, your ability to recover quickly is critical. It is so important to have the right commercial property coverage, it could mean the difference between a minor disruption to operations and a major financial loss. Physical assets covered by commercial property coverage could include the business property you own or rent, equipment, fixtures, inventory, and other items you count on to support your daily operations.

Here are a few tips on choosing the best policy:

Know what your state requires: Buying business insurance may not just be a good investment for your business, it may be a necessity. Understand your state requirement and make sure your risk management package meets the needs of the state requirements and your business model.

Understand Your Industry Risk: Every industry is different, and so are the risks to your business. For example, a company that manufacturers edibles will be extremely concerned with equipment and inventory, while a retailer may be more concerned with employee theft.

Prioritize Coverage Over Insurance Cost: Once business owners know which policies they need, the next step is to determine how much will it cost. Every penny counts, especially when you are just starting. But it’s important to realize that while business insurance is an added expense, it plays a crucial role in protecting your business from serious financial damage.

Consult an Expert: Every business model and/or industry has unique risks and perils. If you need guidance on the best insurance products for your business, consult with an agent that is an expert in your industry.

Our experienced agents can also help you save money by bundling policies. For example, you may be eligible for policy, that combines general liability and commercial property insurance together.

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