Cannabis Event Checklist

Welp, I don’t think we have used the term “We outside” enough.  

I have hosted many events and I know a little bit about throwing a hell of a party. What a breath of fresh air to see all of the 420 Events?

Who doesn’t love food trucks, live music, vendor tents, and potter potties? Many states have issued specific licenses that allow you to host events in your municipality, but where do you start?  

Here is a quick checklist to jumpstart your next event.

  1. Find out all the State and local requirements to host an onsite consumption event.
  2. Define the purpose and format of the event i.e. Music, Reform, Consumption, etc.
  3. Determine the Attraction i.e. Talent, Special Guests, and/or Speakers
  4. Draft a budget and plan for the unforeseen situation- this is where insurance plays a big part
  5. Build a team- find people who share your vision and allocate responsibility
  6. Brand the Event- Every good event needs a Theme and a Brand
  7. Grab Sponsors- Many companies would love to get their logo, brand, and products in front of consumers
  8. Spread the word- determine the best platform to tell everyone about your event.
  9. Create an Event Master Plan
  10. Determine Day-Of Process

Our goal is to provide you with peace of mind, allowing you to focus on other critical aspects of your event. We understand each special event is different and cookie-cutter coverage won’t do. Our skilled insurance professionals will carefully evaluate your event and find the insurance coverage that best meets YOUR specific needs. And we’ll provide professional and experienced customer service should a claim occur.

  • Can provide both Primary and Excess Liability
  • Excess Liability towers available up to $25,000,000

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